Member of the National Genealogical Society 2018
Member of the New Mexico Genealogical Society 2018

Writing - Online Resume


Genealogist, Social Media Content Writer, Ghostwriter

Writing Experience

Country Magazine - October, 1992

High Plains Productions
I wrote a short article on creating a video production company in Casper, Wyoming (Donnie and Cheryl Herron)

Writers Showcase - 2002

Dreams For Our Daughters - Coffey, Bonnie
I was a guest writer along with an array of other woman from all walks of life (entertainment, legal, governmental, home care, self-employed, etc.) and countries. The theme was to write to our daughters, real or fictitious, and tell them what our hopes and dreams would be for their lives. My article appeared on page 31-32.

1WomansWisdom - June, 2011

Creating the Perfect House Vibration: Utilizing the Art of Numerology - Patton, Cheryl
Authored and published through Amazon. Using Numerology, it teaches people how to change their house vibration in order to achieve their goals.

Current Blogs

Diggin' Your Ancestors - 2016 to Present
Instructional short articles on family and ancestral research.

1 Womans Wisdom - 2011 to 2017
Articles regarding Numerology and Astrology for those who enjoy the divination arts.

Through the Eyes Of Our Grandparents - 2013 to Present
I write nostalgic articles about how to bring the skills from the past and implement them today.

Travels With Clancey - An RV Dog Blog - 2016
A humorous (and sometimes instructional) blog "speaking" for my companion, Clancey.

Taking It On the Road - 2015
An instructional (and sometimes humorous) blog for those contemplating living on the road.


2004 to Present

Three Introductions to historical fiction.
One Foreword for memoir to be published December, 2016.

Social Media Work For Companies

New River Sports, Draper, Virginia - 2013 to 2015
Donald Holt - 540-980-1133

I was originally hired to create their website, image slides, set up and maintain their social media platforms, and share social media content. Many of my creations are still on their website today.

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