Member of the National Genealogical Society 2018
Member of the New Mexico Genealogical Society 2018


From as far back as I can recall, my grandmother made sure that I had a pen in my hand and a tablet in my lap. 

She was an artist of oil and water paints, with talent that I could only envy. But I was the wordsmith with an imagination spawned from childhood fantasies, invisible playmates, and the need to tell anyone who would listen. Every corner I turned produced a new story with little to no effort on my part. 

I had no idea during those early years that one day, writing would become my solitary friend. And how lucky I was to find solace and comfort in each letter my pen could produce. 

Those days are past me now, but what I learned was that we all have a story. Every person on this planet is a chapter of incredible inspiration, overcoming formidable odds, and together, we are a phenomenal "book".

Unlike the 20th century, we can now reach the planet through social media - an avenue that has become a powerful part of our lives and businesses. From personal motivation to sales and marketing, I enjoy reaching an array of clientele through my writings, quips, and eye-catching images.

I have traveled the United States extensively, and now have the pleasure of doing so on a full-time basis. Meeting people and hearing their stories has brought a fantastic joy to my life and my own personal tale. 

If you feel that I can help you with your next family history research project, or ongoing social media platform, please email me and let me know how I can help you. I look forward to the opportunity!

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