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Family Skyping To Create A Family Tree

Usually, I post an article each Holiday Season about using your computers/laptops to join friends and family for Christmas Dinner when someone is alone. It's a great idea and only takes a few minutes to set up the computer at the dinner table.

In a time whereby Skype is free (with a Skype account), we can talk to people 10,000 miles away AND we can share our screens, not just our faces.

Want to work with your family members on your family tree? Put on a set of headphones, call each other (you can have a number of members on at the same time), and then the person with the family tree can click on the option to share their screen and input the documented information discovered. Other members can use their additional screen tabs to do research.

Together, you can discuss findings, exchange family stories, and debate questionable information. For those members not used to the research process, they may find it fascinating as they watch the family tree developing on their monitor.

The days of having to travel as a group to various cities and libraries has now been reduced to a minimum. And you'll be able to create it from the comfort of your own homes!

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