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Why Should I Use Personal Genealogy Software?

With more free online genealogy sites adopting the "community research" format, your hard work can be eliminated in a moment, without notice, by a non-related individual who believes they know more about your grandmother than you did.

If you are the type of genealogist who prides themselves in filling in locations with city, county, state, United States, this can now be overridden by an individual who is happy with "US" only. Your documented dates (day/month/year) can now be erased with just a year (and perhaps the wrong year), and even your grandfather's name can erroneously be changed by someone who never shared a meal at his table. 

I used to believe that having my family history research online would guarantee that my tree would be available long after I am gone. It may, but the opportunity for it to be in error would be great. With the community format, there are no safeguards to keep your documented information from being erased.

A professional genealogist would provide you with your own documented report, safe from the hands of the public. They use their own format, or genealogy software that works for them and their clientele.

Genealogy software is abundant, both purchased or free. You can google "best genealogy software" or "best free genealogy software" and receive a listing of what is popular today. Some programs are free with an affordable price for additional features.

Whichever software you choose to use, you will still be able to search the free/paid online documents and then type them into your family tree, knowing that it can't be overridden by another individual. 

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