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Was My Maritime Ancestor On The La Pinta in 1492?

It's difficult to trace your ancestry back to the 15th century due to lack of paper documents and the high rate of illiteracy. But if your family belonged to the Catholic Church, or aristocracy, you just might be able to do it. 

Why? Because the priests and monks within the Church kept birth, marriage, and death records forever. Barring natural disasters (fire, floods, war), they still exist.

The Christopher Columbus Exhibition at the Library of Congress holds the following list of men who set out on the La Pinta, August 3, 1492. A small type of three-masted ship or caravel, it was owned by Christobal Quintaro and Gomez Rascon who were also aboard.

Those who went and returned in the Pinta are as follows:
  • Martin Alonso Pinzon, of Palos, captain
  • Francisco Martin Pinzon, of Palos, master
  • Cristobal Garcia Xalmiento, pilot
  • Juan de Jerez, of Palos, mariner
  • Bartolome Garcia, of Palos, boatswain
  • Juan Perez Vizcaino, of Palos, caulker
  • Rodrigo de Triana, of Lepe
  • Juan Rodriguez Bermejo, of Molinos
  • Juan de Sevilla
  • Garcia Hernandez, of Palos, steward (despensero)
  • Garcia Alonso, of Palos
  • Gomez Rascon, of Palos, owner of the vessel
  • Cristobal Quintero, of Palos, owner of the vessel
  • Juan Quintero, of Palos
  • Diego Bermudez, of Palos
  • Juan Bermudez, of Palos
  • Francisco Garcia Gallego, of Moguer
  • Francisco Garcia Vallejo, of Moguer
  • Pedro de Arcos, of Palos

We typically research,, and other genealogy sites for information on family history. Do consider also searching the Library of Congress, as it holds a wealth of information not found on other family history locations.

(Photo: Replica of La Pinta, in Palos de la Frontera, Andelusia, Spain)

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