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Skyping The Holidays OR Genealogy Sessions!

I wrote this article in 2014, but it's still as important today. Use it for holidays, birthdays, celebrations OR genealogy sessions. Read below!

If you are one of the numerous people on the planet without family, spouses, and/or significant others during the holidays, or your family/friends are spread out and you can not get together due to time restraints or finances, you have come to the right place!

You no longer have to celebrate it alone! 

I understand sitting alone through endless Thanksgivings and Christmases due to lack of family. I've done it on and off since the age of 12. Those who have plenty of people around them believe that single people are partying on the holiday. No, we're not. We not doing anything except watching DVD movies and waiting to go back to work the following day. It's an incredibly lonely time of year when you don't fit in. You're different. 

But unlike our grandparents before us, we NOW have computers! AND we have free Skype accounts! So, why are we not using them? 

We use computers on a daily basis to talk on the Social Networks, email, send messages, and we use them for work. Why not during supper? Why not during opening packages at Christmas time? I refer to the photos above, to the left, and below.

This year take the time to place your computer at the table along side of your company. "I can't" is not an option - you walked it into your house at one time, so it's totally possible to move it to another room for a special event. Invite the member who can not attend and enjoy the dinner together. 

With this method you can:

  • Open gifts at the same time
  • Spend the day together (no, you don't have to stay at the monitor. You can wave periodically as you pass, call out when you want attention, have fun with it!)
  • Have supper together
  • See grandchildren, nieces, & nephews open their gifts
  • Show each other items you wish to share
  • Spend the holidays with someone overseas (Skype is FREE!)
  • Watch a movie together on Skype (do you know if you "share your screen" with your caller, you can watch a movie together - FREE?! I did this once with a friend in Ireland). You can still talk during the movie to make comments.

Granted, if you are the Alone Person, you either have to coordinate it with others or wait for an invitation. My vote is to coordinate it. Even if everyone backs out due to "that's too different for me," you have the satisfaction of being the progressive one and trying.

I understand that this is a different concept and truthfully, I've not been successful at getting others to jump on the bandwagon...yet. But people around the world are beginning to use it. Why not you? (Patton, 2014-2016)

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