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My Ancestry DNA Results Are In! Merry Christmas To Me! Part 3

Two days before Christmas and the email I've been awaiting have arrived by email.

Ancestry has sent an email with the magic words "CHERYL, THE ANCESTRYDNA RESULTS YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ARE HERE."

And have I viewed them yet? No. I'm carrying you all on the journey with me. 

Once mailed, received, and they pulled them into the lab, it's taken just about 2 weeks. Everyone's experience may vary as this is Christmas season and I know a lot of folks who are going to get one as a gift. The companies have been advertising their products fast and furious.

So, are you ready? I am. Walk with me. I'm nervous.....there's a bit more of a reason that I chose to receive my DNA results.

This photo is very tiny, but believe me, the screen you receive for your testing will fill your monitor. 

25% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
I KNEW that my Patton background would be filled with Irish, and Scottish. They even pinpointed the area where my family would have been living in the 1700s. It's true. Matthew Patton was born between 1700 and 1705, and yes, they lived in Pennsylvania.

23% Scandinavia
What? That's a lot. That's almost as must as the Ireland/Scotland/Wales. I've been tracing my family tree for over 25 years and according to whom I'm supposedly related to, there are 0 Scandinavians. The story begins to unfold.

17% Iberian Peninsula
Another shock. Spain and Portugal. Where the heck did that come from?

I won't go through each one, but as you can see, there are surprises in store - at least for me. According to my DNA, my percentages should have had very high marks in another region of the world (my mother's family) and they do not. (No, they were not from Scandinavia).

I'd like to take you on the rest of my research day, but I will be buried deep into the mysteries of my DNA testing. And no one wants to read a manuscript two days before Christmas.

I will definitely be writing a Part 4, but not this morning. My coffee, the heater, my computer, and my results have a hot date.

To Be Continued....

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