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Create A More Enlightening Family Tree!

You have their names, and dates of birth and death. Now what?

I'm guessing that you accessed the census records, but did you know that the various decades provided the following:

  • Occupation of family members
  • Language spoken within the home
  • Immigration date
  • Physical address (i.e. 463 Main Street)
  • Personal finances
  • Education
  • NIcknames
Are you including these factors within your software program?

All these facts can be quite interesting to learn about your family members, and for your children to one day read.

Tax records for their county can be interesting because you may discover that life wasn't so much different than today. And this goes for wills when citizens filed their wills at the local county office.

Photos of headstones can sometimes be obtained through You may never obtain an actual photo of them, but a scene from their final resting place can be valuable.

So if you only have names and dates and want to provide a more informative story of your ancestors, review your records and see what else you can add to your tree.

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