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Revolutionary War Ancestors - They Were Not As Common As You Think!

One of the greatest myths of American Colonial history was that everyone took up arms and fought against the British. Actually, it was quite an impressive showing when the war started in April, 1775, but as time went on, and they realized this was going to be a dangerous pursuit, less and less men signed up.

One of General Washington's great concerns was that he would not be able to fill the monthly allotment of recruits, and soon promises of money and property were offered for three years of service. (That's how my ancestors ended up in Jasper County, Ohio - the reward of 40 acres for Joseph Mark, Jr's service).

With the promise of land, many of our military ancestors (who could never have afforded a farm) now had the opportunity to relocate with a sizable portion of land to start over. Ohio was considered the "frontier" and it was a common location for rewarding acreage.

Census records are always a good place to start when searching for your Revolutionary War ancestors, but you may also find information in the Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Applications Files available online.

(Photo: Mark Cemetery, Jasper County, Ohio, United States)

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