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My Great-Grandfather Never Worked At That. He Was A....

He was born in 1884 and died in 1953. You were born in 1968 and never met him.

Situations like this happen quite often.

When genealogists put an occupation into a family tree, they are taking the original ancestor's word for it from the Census Records or another public record. They may have only worked at it for one week, they may have lied, but on that particular date (shown on the record), he stated that that was his profession. That is what appears on the family tree.

Generally, there is a section in the family tree called Notes that you can add all the additional information you like, including stories, heresay, and family conversations. But a good practice for tracing your family is to write down what appears on the records, and then write your comments in the specified areas. It also helps others find ancestors in common.

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