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Genealogy - Starting A New Holiday Tradition Around The Table

I can't take credit for this one, and though I've never encountered it, I believe it's a great one!

Many people are very uncomfortable stating something they are grateful for during the Thanksgiving supper, or around the Christmas table. Perhaps they've just lost a child, or going through a horrendous divorce. It's not that they can't find something to state - it's just a difficult time.

So, this year, how about something fun that can produce laughter and smiles? Tell an ancestral story! Yes, you might have to think, or do a bit of research, but in this day of people leaning towards the negative, you might be surprised what positive stories will emerge.

It might be a story about your Dad, or a tale about Grandma that others didn't know. It could be a hilarious story about Aunt Louise, or military history about Uncle James. Or maybe you have a Revolutionary War Ancestor. It doesn't have to be dramatic, a long story, one that hit the newspaper, or important to anyone else but your family. AND it will generate more positive conversation this holiday season.

I've added a story about my grandmother in the photo of this posting. I can guarantee that all her children went to their graves never having known this about their mother. As I have no one to share it, I will share it with you this holiday season. And feel free, to share your stories with me! I would love it!

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