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Find Your Ancestors As They Pass Through Ellis Island

Passing the tests at Ellis Island was no small feat. You were watched from the moment you
walked in the front doors, and all through the process.

Don't be shy, cough, sniffle, or have a "bad day." It's "please and thank you", and step lively. No dilly-dallying or struggling along the way.

They were looking for healthy, employable individuals who would not need any financial support to live in the United States.

If you're looking for your ancestors who may have come through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954, visit and search their names.

REMEMBER! If your ancestors were illiterate, the spelling of their names was reliant on the person who was taking down their information. Many immigrants Americanized their names upon leaving their country, and some changed their names altogether.

HINTS - If you can't find the Head of Household's name and they had children, search by the most unusual child's name. John, James, Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary are all common, but Violet, Cecile, Oscar, and Rolla would not be as common. Families were generally on the manifest together, so if you can find one, you'll most likely find the rest.

Also, try searching using the last name only. You may have a number of them to review, but I've had far more success with this method than any other. 

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