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Do I HAVE To Trace My Family Tree? I'm Just Not That Interested.

No, you don't have to trace your family tree. Not everyone has the desire to know their ancestry.

However, if you do not wish to create a tree, do a favor for the next generation who may wish to take on the challenge. Label your photographs, both real and those on disk. Write name, date, and how they are related.

When my grandmother was alive, she kept saying, "I'll do it soon. I'll get that done soon." I even offered to do the writing. "We'll do that later." 

"Soon" never came, and when she passed away, I was left with boxes and boxes of unlabeled photos.

As I was the last member of the family, there was no one to ask. Soon I realized, I was left with thousands of worthless photos. I never found out who they were, or if they were even related.

Do your children, nieces, nephews, or beneficiary a favor. Label your, this weekend.

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