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Chinese Immigration Through Angel Island, California

For many of us raised in California, Angel Island was one of "those islands in the Bay." But to those immigrating from Japan and China between 1910 and the 1940s, this was home for sometimes months.

Ellis Island allowed folks through within hours or days, but those arriving on the west coast could expect to live on Angel Island up to two months while they waited for approval.

The rules and regulations were far more harsh than Ellis Island, and at one point, only Asian citizens who could prove on paper that their father was an American citizen were allowed into the United States.

For further history, read "About Angel Island" at
You may discover that your family who passed the Ellis Island examination were actually more fortunate with their ability to enter the country.

For the most part, Chinese and Japanese immigration records are still stored on microfiche and available for review at specific offices.You can, however, search online for Chinese Immigration Case Files, 1883-1924 and possibly find your ancestors if they arrived in San Francisco between the years outlined.

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