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Are My First Cousin's Children My Second Cousins?

This is an easy one - No. We all make that mistake, but your first cousin's children are not
your second cousins. 

Envision a family tree. First, second, third, and so forth cousins are counted if the lines are drawn straight across. 

But when the lines are drawn diagonal, now we are describing "removals" (i.e. first cousins once removed, twice removed, and so forth).

Take a look at the chart. Hermione will never leave the spot she is in on the family tree. She will always be first cousins with Tom. However, Tom had a daughter named Alice. The line is drawn diagonal. Hermione is Alice's first cousin once removed (one space from the 1st cousin position).

Now, let's pretend Alice has a son named Jeff. Again, we have an even steeper diagonal line. Hermione will be his first cousin twice removed. Remember, this only occurs when lines are diagonal.

Take a look at the chart again. Hermione gets married and has a child name Susan. Visually draw a line down from Hermione to include Susan as a daughter. As you can see, Susan and Alice would have a line drawn straight across between each other. They, are truly second cousins.

Just remember, first, second, third, etc., cousins have lines that are drawn straight across from one another.

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