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Good Heavens! I'm related to myself! Why did people marry family members?

Yes...way back when, so am I.  

I can honestly say that I have not run into any brother/sister connections, but I find uncle/niece a lot. Why?

a. There was a time when women could not own property. Upon marriage, she lost all her possessions to her new husband and it became HIS property. Thus, men would marry up in order to attain wealth (love had nothing to do with it). Therefore:

b. In order to keep property in the family, people married their relatives. Unlike today, property and possessions were not attained easily and therefore, possessions were taken care of and handed down through the generations.

c. There was nothing known about genetics. They did not know that babies born to close relatives were subject to birth defects.

d. Lack of people in one's area. We find this a lot of Irish/Scottish immigrants of the 17th-19th centuries in the Appalachians of the United States.

Therefore, yes, you may find through research that you might just be related to yourself way back in time!

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