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Can I Leave Out Information In My Family Tree Because He Was An Idiot!?

There's several different camps when it comes to this topic. You'll have to decide how that will ultimately affect your future generations.

In this world of being politically correct and being seen by the world as perfect, we are chiseling away at our history, our stories, and inappropriately judging past behavior by our 21st century viewpoints.

Ask any genealogist and they'll tell you the cursed phrase of all times - "You don't need to know that." It was generally spoken by our grandparents, and now that they are gone, it takes all our fiber and being to discover key connections we may never find.

Personally speaking, a short marriage that generated no children, or impacted yours or others' personal history, is up to you to report.

On the other hand, if you're really trying to hide a family connection, remember, NO WAY in 1798, did your ancestor imagine that in the future, a little slim book-like box on your table top would reveal his secrets.

You can provide names of blood-relations in your family tree without going into detail about why they irritated the fire out of you, your mother, or your grandparents. Your grandchildren will one day thank you for providing the connections.

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