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The First Step To Getting Noticed Online!

Every week I have the pleasure of observing a newcomer's creativity when naming their new website.

Hands down - I love the inspiration that runs through these new entrepreneurs minds! In fact, I wish I had half their talent sometimes.

The truth of the matter is though, when it comes to your website, you want people to know your name. And if it's not your name you wish to feature, you'll want it to be the name of your business (whether an online presence or brick and mortar location).

Look at any successful business man or woman in the world, and they are going to be known by They don't want people to have to guess, and in a world with a 3.5 second attention span, they want their potential customers immediately front and center.

So instead of choosing or, consider leaving your talent to all your upcoming sales campaigns, and allow your name to grab peoples' attention.

Silence - The Serial Killer Of Any Business

The photo at the right depicts a lovely young woman texting on her cell phone, but for those who wish to start a business, this is never totally take you to the height of prosperity.

At best, it's a great way to place someone on hold until you get back to the office and speak to them by voice.

I am not aware of any small business who has immediately become successful using silence and being incognito. Oh yes, you have the major department stores worldwide, but they already paid their dues, and they employ real people at call centers for order taking and customer service.

If you are the only employee in your company at present, your voice will become paramount to your survival. You don't have to like the call, and you may not even want to deal with the issue, but that's part of interacting with the public. Can they reach you? Is your voice touchable? Do they feel they are being heard?

The public holds the key to whether you continue doing what you love. And they who place themselves in front of their potential and current customers reap the highest benefits.

Don't Give Yourself Away For Free

Let's cut to the chase... 

It doesn't work; it's never worked. Don't waste time cutting your costs - particularly for a service based business - if you're wishing to make money.

From online services to a retail business, I've never seen people jumping on the bandwagon to create a profit for you during a sale. In fact, most of them don't even show up.

Think about it. In retail, you have an item you want to clear out, have a 50% off sale, and your profit is now $3.78. You've sold two this morning. Your retail employee is costing you $8.75 for that hour, so you're now $1.19 in the hole.

Sales are created for another purpose - it's to get people in the door so that you can ultimately sell them something else at full price, or upgrade their initial choice to a product of higher value.

Sale racks aren't there because the company loves you. They're in position because SALE is synonymous with "Oh For Gods' Sakes - Just Try To Get Something Out Of This Before We Have To Toss It and Take A Loss! And don't order any more of these next year - I don't know what we were thinking!"

A service based business is even worse because the mind set you have now established is "if they could do it for 20%, 30%, or 50% off and make a profit, they could be doing that all along. I'll just wait."

I particularly see this among women. For some reason, society tells us that if we give samples of our abilities away for free, throngs of onlookers will happily rush us with money extended. Heck no! They're lining up for a free sample as well.

Here are a few thoughts to ponder as you consider your first or next sale:

  • If you've had sales before, how did they work for you?
  • Give your talent and product away ONLY if you choose and want nothing in return.
  • Giving out of the goodness of your heart because you believe in a cause or another individual is up to you and acceptable. However, it is a charitable act and that's how you'll have to view it.  
  • If you do opt for a sale, be sure to put a time limit on it. Honor that time limit and take down the For Sale Sign the minute the time is up. Honoring that one decision is respecting your own talent and skill.
  • What else will you have to offer if someone does takes advantage of a sale? Do you have a back-up plan or product that could help make up for the profit loss?
  • In a service-based business, what can you eliminate from the service yet still provide a good experience? If they wish to have a discount, you have the right to discount all the facets you would provide.