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They Don't Admire You For Your Words...

...They Admire You For Your Actions.

In the second part of this topic, "Do What You Say You Can Deliver", it still continues to amaze me how many businesses (online and in the public domain) still advertise what they think we wish to hear with no intentions of delivering it.

The idea is: Say anything to get them in the door, apologize, and then sell them what you have.

It doesn't work.

If you offer free Wi-Fi, a free morning newspaper, free Fresh coffee, home delivery, access to laundry services, all-you-can-eat services, the production of any object, shipping services, 24 hour anything, or particular office/store hours - do it or take it off your website/store advertising.

Apologize once, someone may return because you're the only game in town. Apologize twice, you've lost them and earned some incredible advertising - particularly if it's another business owner who will now have to bust his/her buns to make his customer happy.

There are too many aspiring business owners who can take your place in a heartbeat. Five to ten minutes a day to review the product/services you say you can offer will be worth thousands of dollars of positive or negative advertising.

Do What You Say You Can Deliver

Over the past several years, businesses have become accustomed to offering services they can not deliver. The sad part is that they, and we, believe this is an acceptable business practice.

Do something right and no one remembers. Do something wrong, and everone hears about it. 

They won’t always advertise your strengths, but they will certainly advertise your weaknesses to everyone who will listen.

This is the age of online communication. Look at the reviews of your favorite stores under Google or Yelp and you’ll find as many people who believe they are the devil-incarnate as they believe they are Superman. People talk and advertise.
Unfortunately, we have arrived at a time in history whereby these words ring true.

“In business, if you show up and do the job you say you can
and you’ll have no competition.” (patton, 2011)

Want a home-based business? Do what you say you can do and do not advertise anything more. (patton, 2016)