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TIP: Multitasking While Commuting...The Safe Way

I'm not even going to tell you some of the multitasking moves I've pulled off in the car - mainly because they've earned the caption "Do NOT do this at home." 

But there is one thing that so many of us overlook, yet we are already doing it in some form or another.


How many of you commute with the radio on? How many of you commute with an ear phone in one ear? And what are you listening to?

We all know that in business, one needs to have continued education, yet we will be the first to say, "I just don't have time!" Yes, you do. 

Audiobooks. For me, one of the greatest inventions was a CD player installed in a car and authors willing to create their instructional books on disc. 

You're driving anyway. You're listening to music, news, or talk radio. You could be listening to a number of hosts and training instead. But I warn you, if you're enjoying the topic, that commute will fly by. There was a time I wished my 40 minute commute was twice as long. 

If you're never tried this form of learning, give it a whirl. You just might get hooked on it!

Social Media - Push The Buttons On Your Strengths!

I don't believe that I have ever met an individual that excelled at everything. We just aren't made that way. 

Even highly successful business people are where they are because they hired their weaknesses or muddled through a task and got lucky.

So before you beat yourself up, what are you good at? No one is listening. Don't worry about what anyone around you is thinking. What are you REALLY good at? that you have something - sell THAT! Sell that in your media posts. Sell that in your ads. Push all the buttons on your strengths and no one will notice when you have to punt. 

TIP: What Is In My Tool Box?

When it comes to advertising on Social Media (and jobs in general), often we sell ourselves short in letting the public know what we can do.

For example: How many times have I passed over the opportunity when asked, "Do you have any certifications?" No, I don't. Yet last week I realized that I do have a certification. Several years ago, I sat down one morning at work, took all the classes, had to ace all the tests (or take the entire thing over), and by the end of the work day received my certification.

At that time, only two of us in the entire county were certified to ship Hazmat. Though I worked in social media-marketing for a sporting goods store, business owners from other companies came to me in order to ship items described as Hazmat. (The cost of certification was too expensive then for a one time mailing). It became an additional revenue source for my employer.

That may not appear important to some people, but to a sporting goods store that sells smokeless powder, or a beauty supply company that ships acetone-based fingernail polish remover, this is particularly valuable. There are a great number of companies that ship Hazmat and they all need individuals who are certified.

When asked about organizations, I never thought of the online organizations that I had joined. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs that travels and works from your hotel room or RV, joining an online organization not only offers you additional learning opportunities, but provides valuable considerations with potential employers.

This week, consider revamping your Tool Box information. What are all the hidden talents you could be adding to your resume, or passing on to prospective clients?

It may not be important to all, but it might be just the skill one individual is seeking.

TIP: I Can't Afford Help! You Can Now...

But What About The Start up costs?!

They can eat us alive if we're not sitting with a Carte Blanche. Do you have one? Neither do I.

However, I was always taught

practice your strengths and hire your weaknesses. 

Again, starting up without a lot of cash set aside forces us to wear all the hats in the office, whether we're good at them or not.

And so often we fumble our way through, wasting time on simple things where we have no talent....until now!

Save time and allow someone with skill, at a price you can afford, to take care of your weaknesses

Short and to the point:

Stats - Give The People What They Want

I can't say that I have always used stats when working on the Internet. But when online marketing became my main profession, stats turned into the lover I never had. We were joined at the hip!

There are very few hosting companies that don't provide some sort of basic statistical program in their package. And if one doesn't have this luxury, there is always Google Analytics. Whether you pay for it, or accept the free basic version, you can find something that will help you decipher your main audience's demographics, what they're viewing, what systems they're using, etc.

If you're just starting out, you may be wondering, "Why would you want to use all that?" Because I can glean a wealth of knowledge on what my audience wants to see

On my website you're viewing currently, my main audience is the United States and then Europe. But, I have another website that I use extensively and after the United States, I was surprised to discover that Russia is my second highest audience. 

With a little research and ingenuity, I can keep the Russian market by always including their culture and time zone into some of my articles. It just takes research on my part. 

I also know that a whopping 67% of my followers are on mobile with a Qt Browser system. Chrome comes in second at 15%. This let's me know that my webpages had better be mobile compatible. 

Facebook gives me the majority of my views and referrals (between 3-4pm), yet very few, if any, of my customers come from Facebook. (I know this by asking my customers how they found me). After that, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google searches round out the guests. 

And this morning, someone found me by Googling the word "Mercy". There's a surprising stat and truthfully, I don't know what I'll do with it. It's just a fun fact to know. 

Your stats will tell you what you need to focus or stop focusing upon. They will give you feedback as to your performance and what the people need.

Stats - they help you improve your job so that you can give your audience what they need. 
(patton, 2016)

TIP: START NOW To Create Your Networks

One lesson that I teach regarding having an online presence/business is START NOW - even if you are not ready to open the doors on your new venture. 

Perhaps you know that having an online business is in the very near future (8 months to a year). This is the time to start establishing an array of networks on a daily basis. A year may seem far away, but in business, this can be very short term. 

Many new entrepreneurs wait until their product or service is ready to go as if that will suddenly produce their marketing contacts and customer base. Unfortunately, they do not suddenly appear on Business Day One.

The entrepreneur then discovers that it's taking all their waking hours to create those contacts and money is not being generated. After a month, they're discouraged, and within three to six months, they've given up.

Networking for clients/customers will be part of your daily business - every working day for as long as you own it. 

START NOW! The worst case scenario? Someone hires you or purchases product, and isn't that what it's all about?

TIP: Do You Have Smartphone Visibility?

I recall the first time that my hosting company allowed me to view my website as if on a mobile
device. What the heck was that and why should I care?

Recently, I have run several Facebook ads and my stats said it all. Very few individuals accessed my ad from a desktop computer. Approximately 98% of the 6,800 reached and viewing were on mobile devices. 

It will be to your advantage to make sure your website is smartphone compatible, whether you use a smartphone or not. Do not assume that the hosting company takes care of that feature for you. 

Before taking the hours to create a website, find out if that option is built in. If you’ve already purchased your online location, it will be simple enough to turn on your phone, and view the progression of the site as you build it. 

Smartphone compatibility - the days of the desktop keyboard are fading fast!

TIP: Are You Singing To The Choir?

Often, the first thing we do when setting up our social media audience is gravitate to like minded

individuals who share our passion. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with this and if you can discover others with whom to network, you might find yourself an ally and/or confident. 

But if you befriend only those individuals who perform the same job description as you, your profits are going to be low! They don’t need you. They can do it themselves. 

Who do you need? You may know your strengths, but what are your weaknesses? Are you weak at bookkeeping? How about cold call sales? Do you struggle with the creative, such as design and color?

Seek those people out and add them to your friends list (particularly on LinkedIn). Chances are they will be publishing valuable notes that will inspire and help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

And you never know...they may need what you have to offer as well. (patton, 2016)

Welcome! Let The Adventurer Out Of Your Soul!

Welcome and
Thank You for visiting
my new site! 

It was time to separate the businesses, even though they go hand in hand with some of my clients. 

With so many wishing to begin their online businesses, I felt it would be beneficial to have a place for everyone to seek out bits and pieces of information we all need. Some of us were gleaning our information back in 2011, and some before that. 

What can I say? It's changed, mutated, self-destructed, and rediscovered itself over the years. It's a fast changing world for those who wish to put in the commitment. An hour a day won't cut it. 

I have an array of TIPS for Beginning Social Media Entrepreneurs that you can view on my Facebook site and also at LinkedIn. In the future, I'll be posting them on here along with the appropriate social media locations.

Follow me! Join me! Talk to me! If you have a question, please feel free to contact me and ask. Remember, if you have a question, there's 50 others who want to ask and may be too shy to write. If it's something I haven't covered previously, I may return your answer in a social media note and refer you to it. Let's all benefit from it. 

Be the Pioneer! After all, if you want a business, you'll have to let the adventurer out of your soul.