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Have A New Website? We Can't Find You!

I discovered a fantastic website yesterday that inspired this writing. It had a great online appearance, generously priced products, and a "Come By and See Us!" invitation. The only problem was, who were they?

One error new entrepreneurs occasionally make is identifying themselves. Just when you're enthusiastic about their service and/or product, you discover they don't have a name, address, email, or telephone number. As a customer, you couldn't purchase from them if your life depended on it.

Unless you're in the top business or political echelon, people don't know you. Most likely, they will not take time to become a detective to find your place of business. Someone else will have that product on the web and that's where they're headed. In an age of a million entrepreneurs, they don't need you. You need them.

So, when creating your first website, remember,

  • Your personal name and the name of your business is your brand. Help people find you.
  • Give potential customers easy access to an email address (preferrably one that sounds like your business)
  • Can you supply a personal or Skype telephone number?
  • If you're working out of your home, you may not wish to have your personal address listed. However,  your city, state, and county would be appropriate, especially if you're inviting them to stop by.

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