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Silence - The Serial Killer Of Any Business

The photo at the right depicts a lovely young woman texting on her cell phone, but for those who wish to start a business, this is never totally take you to the height of prosperity.

At best, it's a great way to place someone on hold until you get back to the office and speak to them by voice.

I am not aware of any small business who has immediately become successful using silence and being incognito. Oh yes, you have the major department stores worldwide, but they already paid their dues, and they employ real people at call centers for order taking and customer service.

If you are the only employee in your company at present, your voice will become paramount to your survival. You don't have to like the call, and you may not even want to deal with the issue, but that's part of interacting with the public. Can they reach you? Is your voice touchable? Do they feel they are being heard?

The public holds the key to whether you continue doing what you love. And they who place themselves in front of their potential and current customers reap the highest benefits.

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