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The Fastest Ad You'll Ever Create...

is at your fingertips in Instagram!

If you can aim your cellphone, you can operate an Instagram account.

In the world of fast food, fast decisions, and faster rates of broadband, the world now wants faster Internet interactions.  And you'll be surprised of all the keynote speakers, high powered business people, celebrities of all types, and even the folks next door that you'll see on Instagram.

The days of reading informational paragraphs are being replaced by photographs, quick videos, and hashtags. Don't think that works? Think twice! Instagram is coming up in the ratings. 

As of July, 2016, eBizMBA rated Instagram in the top 8 Social Platforms.


You Can Post On The Go! 

Take a plane, take a train, or hop between appointments on a city bus. You just don't have the time today to write an article. Yet, you're aware that you need to be out here in front of potential and current customers. So what do you do?
  1. Snap a photo or use one from your cellphone's gallery. 
  2. Place a sentence of two (or three or four) beneath it. Cut to the chase and say what you mean.
  3. Add some hashtag words that will have the searchers finding you. Hashtags are the keywords in this social arena.
For Example:

It's a 6 Type of Day (family, friends, community) and
we'll be talking about it tonight - WSQN 
#Numerology #radio #1WomansWisdom #predictions

Tips and Tricks:
  • Instagram is not a hard hitting, "buy from me" platform. In fact, it's a media that promotes positive, feel good vibrations, sharing wisdom, tips and tricks, and a place to keep in touch. 
  • Advertising should be very low key and allow the reader to seek you out if they want to know more. 
  • Match the photo with the message.
  • Be sure your photo is bright and sharp!
  • If you do run across undesirable postings, those  people can be eliminated from your circle of followers. Choose your followers wisely.
  • READ. Follow some of your favorite entrepreneurs and see how they interact with their circle of friends. Try different methods and see what works best.
  • Be sure to connect your account with Facebook and Twitter. One posting can cover three bases at the same time.

If you'd like to start your own Instagram account, search 1womanswisdom and follow me. I'll be sure to follow you back!

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