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Royalty Free Addititves!

Deep down inside every creative person, there lives a gremlin happy to remind us about the word “copyright.” We know it, but sometimes we ignore it.

However, there will come a day when you’ll receive an email from the owner stating, “Remove it or pay to the piper.”

Case in point - just try to find Ken Burn’s The West series on YouTube. I did get to see it before his people combed the site and removed it. David Arkenstone’s team is doing the same for his musical creations.

So, how do you find all those photos, articles, and musical scores for your social media platforms and newsletters without paying exorbitant rates? After all,  we are not all gifted with every single talent in the world.

Photos - they won’t have everything, but it’s a great start



There are a number of other locations, but you’ll be able to find them by inserting “royalty free” before the source of interest.

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