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I Shouldn't Have To Write About This...

...but often times, it has to be said.

Simple and to the point:

"Advertising your skills on someone else's article, or timeline will not generate customers or sales" 

We have all seen someone hijack a public figure's timeline, blog, or published article to advertise their own agenda, throwing mild insults, and announcing an incredibly slashed price.

What they have produced is more advertisement for the public figure and more negative publicity for themselves. Anyone who states that it's a deal-enhancer for them is making up a story.

The public figure got to where they are because:
  • they have put in the time
  • they are living what they teach
  • they have earned the price they charge
  • and they're not worried about others

One of the rules of the Universe is "Think cheap; attract cheap.

Put in the time
Consider what you're worth
Make a brand of your own

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