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Disastrous Stats? Try This Simple Trick...


It’s simple. Take out a weekend of trying to drive home your message and READ.

Read the blogs of your favorite entrepreneurs. What are they talking about and how are they doing it? Know that they, too, have days where their stats are not favorable.

Read the “how to” articles of people who are doing it.

Get your info from credible sources and not the person next door (unless they are a credible source). Even then, if it’s not working for you, change it.

Where’s your favorite entrepreneur advertising because Facebook alone won’t do it (unless what you have to offer will ONLY be of interest to the Facebook mindset). 

Know the mindset of each social platform. They are all different.

And WHOSE mindset will be most attracted to your brand? Put most of your talent and creativity in that location.

You will need to take your articles/ads and revamp them to fit each particular media. Don’t be afraid of the time it will take if it produces results.

There are many places to interact (Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google +, etc), but if your favorite successful business person hasn’t posted on a particular account for months, take a hint, and research why. 

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