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Do What You Say You Can Deliver

Over the past several years, businesses have become accustomed to offering services they can not deliver. The sad part is that they, and we, believe this is an acceptable business practice.

Do something right and no one remembers. Do something wrong, and everone hears about it. 

They won’t always advertise your strengths, but they will certainly advertise your weaknesses to everyone who will listen.

This is the age of online communication. Look at the reviews of your favorite stores under Google or Yelp and you’ll find as many people who believe they are the devil-incarnate as they believe they are Superman. People talk and advertise.
Unfortunately, we have arrived at a time in history whereby these words ring true.

“In business, if you show up and do the job you say you can
and you’ll have no competition.” (patton, 2011)

Want a home-based business? Do what you say you can do and do not advertise anything more. (patton, 2016)

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