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Welcome! Let The Adventurer Out Of Your Soul!

Welcome and
Thank You for visiting
my new site! 

It was time to separate the businesses, even though they go hand in hand with some of my clients. 

With so many wishing to begin their online businesses, I felt it would be beneficial to have a place for everyone to seek out bits and pieces of information we all need. Some of us were gleaning our information back in 2011, and some before that. 

What can I say? It's changed, mutated, self-destructed, and rediscovered itself over the years. It's a fast changing world for those who wish to put in the commitment. An hour a day won't cut it. 

I have an array of TIPS for Beginning Social Media Entrepreneurs that you can view on my Facebook site and also at LinkedIn. In the future, I'll be posting them on here along with the appropriate social media locations.

Follow me! Join me! Talk to me! If you have a question, please feel free to contact me and ask. Remember, if you have a question, there's 50 others who want to ask and may be too shy to write. If it's something I haven't covered previously, I may return your answer in a social media note and refer you to it. Let's all benefit from it. 

Be the Pioneer! After all, if you want a business, you'll have to let the adventurer out of your soul. 

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