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TIP: What Is In My Tool Box?

When it comes to advertising on Social Media (and jobs in general), often we sell ourselves short in letting the public know what we can do.

For example: How many times have I passed over the opportunity when asked, "Do you have any certifications?" No, I don't. Yet last week I realized that I do have a certification. Several years ago, I sat down one morning at work, took all the classes, had to ace all the tests (or take the entire thing over), and by the end of the work day received my certification.

At that time, only two of us in the entire county were certified to ship Hazmat. Though I worked in social media-marketing for a sporting goods store, business owners from other companies came to me in order to ship items described as Hazmat. (The cost of certification was too expensive then for a one time mailing). It became an additional revenue source for my employer.

That may not appear important to some people, but to a sporting goods store that sells smokeless powder, or a beauty supply company that ships acetone-based fingernail polish remover, this is particularly valuable. There are a great number of companies that ship Hazmat and they all need individuals who are certified.

When asked about organizations, I never thought of the online organizations that I had joined. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs that travels and works from your hotel room or RV, joining an online organization not only offers you additional learning opportunities, but provides valuable considerations with potential employers.

This week, consider revamping your Tool Box information. What are all the hidden talents you could be adding to your resume, or passing on to prospective clients?

It may not be important to all, but it might be just the skill one individual is seeking.

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