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TIP: START NOW To Create Your Networks

One lesson that I teach regarding having an online presence/business is START NOW - even if you are not ready to open the doors on your new venture. 

Perhaps you know that having an online business is in the very near future (8 months to a year). This is the time to start establishing an array of networks on a daily basis. A year may seem far away, but in business, this can be very short term. 

Many new entrepreneurs wait until their product or service is ready to go as if that will suddenly produce their marketing contacts and customer base. Unfortunately, they do not suddenly appear on Business Day One.

The entrepreneur then discovers that it's taking all their waking hours to create those contacts and money is not being generated. After a month, they're discouraged, and within three to six months, they've given up.

Networking for clients/customers will be part of your daily business - every working day for as long as you own it. 

START NOW! The worst case scenario? Someone hires you or purchases product, and isn't that what it's all about?

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