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TIP: Do You Have Smartphone Visibility?

I recall the first time that my hosting company allowed me to view my website as if on a mobile
device. What the heck was that and why should I care?

Recently, I have run several Facebook ads and my stats said it all. Very few individuals accessed my ad from a desktop computer. Approximately 98% of the 6,800 reached and viewing were on mobile devices. 

It will be to your advantage to make sure your website is smartphone compatible, whether you use a smartphone or not. Do not assume that the hosting company takes care of that feature for you. 

Before taking the hours to create a website, find out if that option is built in. If you’ve already purchased your online location, it will be simple enough to turn on your phone, and view the progression of the site as you build it. 

Smartphone compatibility - the days of the desktop keyboard are fading fast!

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