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TIP: Are You Singing To The Choir?

Often, the first thing we do when setting up our social media audience is gravitate to like minded

individuals who share our passion. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with this and if you can discover others with whom to network, you might find yourself an ally and/or confident. 

But if you befriend only those individuals who perform the same job description as you, your profits are going to be low! They don’t need you. They can do it themselves. 

Who do you need? You may know your strengths, but what are your weaknesses? Are you weak at bookkeeping? How about cold call sales? Do you struggle with the creative, such as design and color?

Seek those people out and add them to your friends list (particularly on LinkedIn). Chances are they will be publishing valuable notes that will inspire and help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

And you never know...they may need what you have to offer as well. (patton, 2016)

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