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Genealogy - Screenshot Those Exciting Tidbits!

In our family research, there are going to be discoveries that we don't want to miss.

They don't have to mean anything to anyone else, but they do to you. Or if you're assisting another individual, they mean something to them. So, snap away, and add them to the appropriate tree.

This week, I'm combing the newspapers of the early 1900s, when weekly gossip was the rage. They reported who was visiting whom, what people were having for dinner at the local cafe, and as the photo shows above, my father (at 8 months of age) is "reported lots better" after being sick.

Did I know this fact? No. Could I have found out without the newspaper? No. I am the remaining family member of this family tree. But here online, I was given a tidbit of a memory and I will add it to my family history.

Don't rule out old newspapers. Give that particular category a try!

(Photo: Screen shot taken by Cheryl Patton, Hickman Weekly News, Modesto Evening News, April 8, 1924).

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